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Dana Marie Bell: Paranormal romance author

I recently discovered Dana Marie Bell, a paranormal erotic romance writer. I'm not much a fan of paranormal books, even though I read Sherrilyn Kenyon and Nora Roberts. However, I liked the premise of "Cat of a Different Color" when I first read it, so I decided to give the book a try.

After reading it, I got interested in the other books of the series and decided to get them as well. I didn't expect to like the Halle Puma series, but I did.

The Halle Puma series is about the Pride of a town called Halle. Half of it's residents are weres, or shifters. In this world, weres live alongside humans, much as wizards and witches live alongside humans like in Harry Potter. And like in HP, their existence is not known to humans.

It's also interesting to see an established hierarchy within the Pride, as it is with the other groups --- the wolves, coyotes, foxes and the bears, although the foxes and bears are mostly by groups of families rather than community.

Big communities are headed by the Alpha. The second-in-command is the Beta. In charge of the physical well-being of the group is the Marshall and his second. Last of the hierarchy is the Omega, who connects emotionally with the members of the community. Shifters mate, and while it the mate for a lifetime, some shifters can have two mates. With the Puma, the Alpha's mate is called "Curana", while wolves call her "Luna".

I'm a fan of series. I like reading books that have connections, especially if I meet a character in one book that catches my interest. The Halle Puma series is just that, running five books and even having a spin-off of another series. I love the dynamics of the group, how they treat each other with respect and can joke around without offending one another. Dana Marie Bell's writing is also fluid and realistic, it's not hard to imagine how the characters would be in real life. I do get overwhelmed by the dialogue sometimes, like I'm not sure who's talking and what they are talking about, but that's pretty few in between scenes, as they're mostly fast paced.

I just finished the first of her Heart's Desire series, "Shadow of the Wolf". I hope she continues with the series. I can't wait to read more about the Beckett brothers. I'm also looking forward to the rest of the Halle Shifters series. For more information about her books, you can check out her website and her blog.
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